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1478 GERMAN WWII LUFTWAFFE INSIGNIA GROUPING: 24 pieces including sport shirts eagle, breast eagles including BEVO example, metal cap badges, stick pin specialty & trade badges including Driver & Radio Direction Finder, Danziger Luftschutzbund cloisonne pin, BEVO NSFK (National Flying Corps) insignia & day badge, Flakabteilung Duisburg tinnie, BEVO Luftschutz insignia & day badges and late-ware 44/5 dated Ausweis on linen. Estimate $150-$300
1479 GERMAN WWII 20-PIECE ARMY INSIGNIA COLLECTION Heer Marksmanship Lanyard, Sports shirt eagle, Cloth & metal Edelweiss, four breast eagles including panzer, ArikaKorps cuff title, shoulder boards including 64th Artillery and Heeres Verwaltung (Army Administration) Spectacular. Estimate $150-$300
1480 GERMAN WWII 30-PIECE NAVY & VARIOUS INSIGNIA COLLECTION. Petty Officers badges include Radio Telegrapher, Writer, etc. "RBD Linz" sleeve insignia, Hydrographer departmental badge, 4 cloth navy cap eagles, two Grench-made breat eagles on wool, Zoll (Customs) BEVO cuff title and metal cap badge, and more. Estimate $100-$200
1481 GERMAN MEDAL & BADGES GROUPING 12 pieces, many in original envelopes including General Assaul Badge (loose), War Merit Cross, 2nd class, West Wall Defense, Eastern Front, Driver's Service, SA Sports & Wound badges (All appear to be WWII vintage). Estimate $100-$150
1482 GERMAN WWII MEDAL COLLECTION 12 pieces including Austrian Anschluss, War Merit Cross, 1st & 2nd class, Russian Front, Luftschutz Service and more. Estimate $100-$150
1483 GERMAN WWII WAFFEN SS 4 PIECE INSIGNIA GROUPING: 7.SS-Freiwilligen-Gebirgs-Division, "Prinz Eugen" Odalrune collar tab, M43 and sleeve edelweiss's on black felt, and an embroidered on black felt sleeve eagle. Estimate $150-$250
1484 GERMAN WWII WAFFEN SS 5 PIECE INSIGNIA GROUPING: 3.SS Panzer-Division "Totenkopf" collar tab. And two foreign volunteer collar tabs: 21.Waffen-Gebirgs-Division der SS "Skanderbeg" (albanische Nr. 1) and 29.Waffen SS-Grenadier-Division der SS (russische Nr. 1) together with a blank SS collar tab, Gas Protection and Signalman's badges. Estimate $150-$200
1485 GERMAN WWII WAFFEN SS 3 PIECE INSIGNIA GROUPING: 29.Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS (Italienische Nr. 1) collar tab, sleeve shield, and BEVO sleeve eagle for camo tunic. Estimate $100-$200
1486 GERMAN WWII SS 10 PIECE COLLECTION: SS armband with sewn center and black border, W/SS auxiliary armband, BEVO cuff title from the 3 Ostturkischer Waffen-Verband der SS, Vlassov Army & SS Foreign Volunteer arm shields. Visor cap eagle and death head marked SS475/43 w/RZM. Two SS Faithful Service medals, and SS Soldbuch w/photo and entries. Estimate $150-$250